I have a confession…

Every year for Thanksgiving my mom and sister (cookteen) go crazy baking desserts, literally crazy… check out my sister’s blog and you’ll see they made a bajillion desserts. I came home from college  Tuesday night and since I’ve been dying to make Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake recipe I begged them to be allowed to make it. I decided to make it after I came back from going to PierreMichel on Wednesday (obviously it was my first stop when I came home for college, I had to get highlights so I can be blonde again). Now since I don’t have the GREATEST track recorded with baking and cooking, I have a tendency to mess up measurements and forget important ingredients (who would of thought you baking soda isn’t optional – but thats another story) they kept looking over my shoulder and checking in to see if I was doing everything right. I got so annoyed because I thought I could do this by myself Pioneer Woman made it seems simple enough, especially with her step-by-step photos.

The first part of her recipe calls for melting in butter and 4 TABLESPOONS of unsweetened cocoa. Now I don’t know if I was too tired or all the color and bleach from earlier that day was seeping into my little head but I misread it as teaspoons. As I was mixing it together I could tell something was wrong because it looked different from Pioneer Woman’s photos but I still went with it and just assumed it would all work out and hey the batter still tasted delicious.

It wasn’t until the cake was baking in the oven until I realized my little mishap, but I decided that I wouldn’t tell anyone I would just frost it and hope no one would notice. During Thanksgiving dinner everyone seemed to like it so I felt it was okay to confess my mistake and then my mom and sister admitted the cake didn’t taste right, it wasn’t chocolatey enough. Thankgoodness there were tons of other desserts that everyone ate and they were delicious!!

At least it looked delicious!

Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet cake recipe


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