Paula Deen’s after school snack

So I was flipping through the channels the other day and I saw that Paula’s Home Cooking was on – I watch cooking shows every now and then but Paula Deen is my favorite because I got to meet her several times and ate at her restaurant in Savanna, GA when I was younger because my mom was her executive producer. Her episode was on after school snacks, my favorite meal of the day…to be completely honest I think my whole diet consists of afters school snacks, I am big on little snack like meals. The first recipe was for veggie English muffin pizzas. Now I am a big fan of the English muffin pizza, they have gotten be through many late night study sessions, however, I am not a HUGE fan of red sauce (GASP I know the one exception is that I love pizza… there is just something about taking it from the jar blechhh…its not just tomato sauce I am picking on either its all condiments mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise… its all weirds me out for some reason – but then again I am a little weird too)

OK back to  Paula’s English muffin pizza what she did differently is took halved grape tomatoes  gently squeezed them as she put them on a pan cooked them for a but with some salt and kapow you have an alternative to pizza sauce. After I put on the “sauce” I  just sprinkled some mozzarella cheese and through them in the oven for a bit and there you go delicious English muffin pizzas!

Paula fancied hers up though and after the tomato “sauce” sautéed some grated eggplant, squash and zucchini and then put on her cheese (she used mozzarella AND a bit of feta) now that seems scrumptious as well but I am a college student and fresh veggies are few and far between because they get rotten so quickly…so I tend to just stick to the basics (i.e. tomatoes, baby carrots, etc.).

What are your favorite afterschool snacks?

Paula’s English muffin pizza recipe

Dumbblondies college version of Paula’s English muffin pizza recipe


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