The most delicious apple EVER

Now I am sure everyone has there own apple preferences (my sister being the pickiest) but whenever I go to the grocery store all I know is that I like apples…I am not ashamed to admit that I am not an apple connoisseur. There are so many different kinds and colors and this and that – I usually just decide on whichever color looks most appealing to me at that time…and if they are shiny and don’t have those yucky bruises on them they get an  A in my book (hahaha get it like A is for apple – I crack myself up – ok I’ll stop. sorry). But after my most recent adventure to Whole Foods I am proud to say that I’ve just discovered the most delicious apple ever, it’s called a Honeycrisp! It is sweet and delicious and good all on its own (I usually eat my apples with  peanut butter or chop it up and with some water and put it in a pot with some splenda and cinnamon yumm).

What kind of apples do you guys like?


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