Top 10 things you should know about final’s season…

1.  You have to wake up early to get a good spot at the library (I wish I was kidding)

2. Starbuck’s is your best friend (I recommend their Christmas Blend coffee – it’s amazing)

3. Stock up on school supplies: pen’s, number 2 pencils for scantron’s and notebooks (my daddy brings me home princess and spiderman themed ones from work – but not everyone can be as cool as me)

4. Invest in a nice comfy pair of sweats b/c you’ll probably wear the same one all week, it’s ok everyone else is doing it

5. Make campusfood your homepage they are quick, easy and deliver straight to the    library (you can play food friendzy on facebook and win coupons)

6. “No mom I can’t call you back now, yes I am at the library and yes I do have someone to walk back with me, I promise.”

7. Shower’s are optional

8. I sometimes see the occasional studier with a beer in hand…I always wonder about them – I guess whatever helps you through the day…and who doesn’t enjoy the occasional box of wine before bed?

9. You can sleep next week when your home and your mommy can cook and take care of you

10. I wish they were over: one down, three to go


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