Class Project – Hummer H3 and Cookies?

For my strategic communications class this semester we had to work on a campaign strategy for the Hummer h3 – we were paired into groups of 5 and were each given positions,  I was research director. On a side note – in a lecture of about 50 people in it guess who was randomly in my group too?? Carlyonqueue!!!! It was a fun coincidence.

The project took all semester and culminated into a campaign strategy book (click to see a PDF of our Campaign Manuel) it’s awesome! and then a 12-15 minute presentation to “pitch” out idea. We competed against the other groups in our class so naturally I made cookies stuffed with candy in order to… umm sway the voters (our professors) to pick us!

Even though everyone loved my cookies – despite there less then visually appealing  (lets face it when it comes to baking and making things pretty I just can’t do it like my sister, cookteen, does) we lost 😦 oh well it’s ok though –  I guess.



I originally got the idea of these scrumptious cookie candy treats from my fav pioneer woman – but I think the trick to this recipe is using a mini cupcake tin rather then a regular sized one (like PW suggests). Oh well – they were still delicious the best part of this recipe is that it’s cookie dough and candy – anyway it comes out it won’t be bad.


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