if you were a blender where would you be?

So I am officially back in jerz for December break and it’s nice to be home – mostly because I have access to a fully stocked kitchen! it’s SUCH a luxury you have no idea and my parents buy me all my favorite treats including VitaTops.

I thought to myself, hmm what could make this healthy snack even more yummmy. My sister, cookteen likes to make them into whoopie pies.  I however wanted to take a different approach, so I searched through the hungry girl archives and saw she makes a banana smoothie shake …interesting, I thought banana and banana nut Vitatops seem to go together  I wonder what I can do with this? let’s find out…

Step 1:  find blender? I know we have one I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. I am nervous to ask anyone because then they are going to ask me what I am making and I don’t really have a definitive answer for them yet. So I keep looking…tra lala …. still looking…ugh finally! found it – wow that was hard…it was in some back corner hiding – I may need to take a snack break now…

Step 2: pour 3/4 cup skim milk (I also added a splash of fat-free half and half) in the blender with a chopped up frozen banana – I know I know frozen banana that sounds so fancy – who has frozen bananas on hand? well my mom does thats who – I told you guys I was home so now I am very  fancyshmancy (don’t worry though – it won’t last). But they are good to peel and freeze to store before they go rotten…easy to make stuff like banana bread, milkshakes, etc.

Now mix everything up in the blender – this is the hard part…

Which botton do I push? Do I want to chop? stir? pulse? mix? liquefy? ahhh I don’t know!?! So I started with mix and it didn’t seem to mush up the banana so I switched to liquefy – it was kind of just like a banana flavored milk so I added splenda which I def recommmend doing.

Step 3: take out a banana VitaTop and defrost it in the microwave – first I thought the banana shake would be more ice cream like and I would pour the milkshake over the VitaTop – but that didn’t work out so well. I kind of just ate them separately and occasionally dipped my VitaTop in the milkshake creation – cookies and milk style – it was good but not one of my better creations but still a delicious banana-nuty treat.

What are your favorite dessert to have while you’re home?


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  1. you would have frozen bananas on site
    misss you<3

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