Valentine’s Day date/gift ideas…

Every single girl’s favorite holiday is coming up this Sunday so I thought I’d do a post to honor the occasion. I am a giant mush and love, love  – my other “blog”  is (I put blog in quotes because I haven’t received that many submissions in a while but check it out!!) If you want to let someone know how you feel and are shy or have a love confession to get off your chest email:

For those of you who do have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/booty call or any other special someone you want to celebrate with a romantic date here are some ideas:

-Splurge for a box of wine and drink it in the back of your mom’s mini van then have Pop-tarts for appetizers, hot pockets for the main course and snack pack pudding for dessert – this is a full proof plan to have a successful date. (I know I have an obsession with boxed wine. I am sorry. I can’t help it. The whole idea of it cracks me up..I wish I could explain why)

– Make your bf/gf a mix tape  is telling them to Pandora a new band you like (yes I used pandora as a verb…I figured if you can use google as a verb…pandora-ing something is fine – although it wasn’t in my AP Stylebook…)

– Boys -please don’t take your  date to any sort of sporting event, even if there are nachos involved…men with their faced painted,  jumping and screaming can kill the mood…plus I don’t care if it’s the championship or how much action there is after the first  10 minutes it’s boring. The ONLY exception is if someone on the team is dating a Kardashian…because then you know you are watching an important team. Same rules apply for strip clubs.

– On the flip side – girls don’t drag your man to see the latest chick flick (although the movie Valentine’s day does look amazing…) – it’s not nice as much as it should always be all about us…maybe find an activity that you’d both enjoy…like a couples massage or going shopping and allowing your bf to watch you try on all your clothes while constantly reminding you that your tush does not look fat in those jeans…..

– Pie Eating Contest –  nothing screams romance like seeing which one of you can stuff there face faster…although the tying your hands behind your back aspect can add an interesting element….

-Surprise your date with  dessert by going to Dunkin Donuts 5 minutes before closing so you get the day old donuts for free

I also consulted the Web for some ideas and inspiration for this post and here is what I found on (I swear that’s a real Web site):

“Buy two cheap canvases and paint with toll paints or do fingerpainting and design a picture for one another. Choose something that describes yourself or something you appreciate about each other.” – are they serious? the age recommendation for this is 25-29 so while I am not exactly in that age bracket yet so please correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure no straight guy is EVER going to do that….maybe if  there is a keg and the activity is done sans clothes they would maybe, POSSIBLY consider it. This activity seems to be the equivalent of the “where is this going talk?”  I feel like this is the kind of assignment a couple’s therapist would recommend after your 20 year anniversary…not exactly fun light hearted date stuff….plus what is toll paint?

“Take a picnic lunch and go to a lake to feed the ducks.” – Picnic’s can be cute – although I don’t know if you noticed the 10 inches of snow outside but it is winter  – so you’d have to move the picnic indoors…but then it isn’t so much as a picnic as it is eating lunch on the floor of your living room….But more importantly back to the ducks  –  My dad took me to the duck pond when I was 6-years-old and I never forgot it…scariest day of my life. Please don’t do this unless you like being swarmed by hungry ducks coming out you with their quaking beaks and eyeing your bag of bread.

“Send flowers. Try adding a note or a poem” – thanks for the creativity I am sure no one ever thought about sending flowers to someone on Valentine’s day…go wild and add some chocolates or a teddy bear to the gift.

Click here to read all of Valentine’s Day date ideas…I always wonder who writes this stuff…

All jokes aside I want to wish everyone a happy valentines day! What are your idea for fun romantic dates?



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  2. Please, please, please tell me E bought you a box of wine and poptarts

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