I made a cake! I think…

It was a beautiful lazy Sunday and I wanted to take a little break from writing a paper and decided to make a cake! I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately and it made sense to me that  Pioneer Woman’s prune cake would be fine because I figured prunes are a fruit…Also since I’ve been trying to follow the F-Factor Diet I figured you know prunes have fiber…That’s why all grandparents drink prune juice right?

Now I should have known, deep inside that anything that Pioneer Woman makes is NEVER diet friendly but I really really really thought that this amazingly delicious prune cake would be an exception.

Lets just talk about this cake for a second. First lets start with going down to the grocery store to pick some ingredients that I didn’t have in my kitchen. I asked the guy if they had fresh prunes and he took me to the dried fruit aisle and pointed out the bag of dried prunes. I thought to myself oh no! my cake is going to come out bad, they don’t have fresh prunes!
Lesson learned: Prunes = dried plumbs whoops (just like raisins = dried grapes)

Ps- The recipe calls for cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice…I already have cinnamon… while at the grocery store I made the budget conscience decision to just invest a $1.09 in All Spice since the bottle said it contains nutmeg, I left out the nutmeg and just added more All Spice. I mean it’s called ALL Spices therefore I assumed I had my bases covered.

Dumbblondie moment numbero two: I bought a little container of low-fat buttermilk (I know I was surprised they had low-fat buttermilk too! It sounds like an oxymoron). The recipe calls for 1 cup buttermilk, I read the label that said serving size: 1 cup… I tossed the whole thing in there. WHOOPS AGAIN! It looked like a lot of milk so I checked the bottle…guess how many serving sizes are in a bottle? TWO!! Don’t worry though I rescued the cake –  because the batter was thick I just poured the excess milk into a cup and what do you know! Cake saved.

Now this is where things start falling apart. I know right you’re probably thinking what on earth is this girl doing in a kitchen?

THE ICING. I combined all ingredients as instructed and let it sit on the stove and bubble WITHOUT stirring. I thought what a good time to put the dishes into the dishwasher. WRONG. Never ever walk away from something on the stove, especially if it contains baking soda. Within a few minutes the whole thing bubbled over blaaa….now as you guys know I am in college and my apartment has a “kitchen.” I put kitchen in quotes because my microwave is also an oven…my building advertised it as “revolutionary technology” no it’s not its a microwave OVEN literally call it what it is…annoying. Secondly I have a cooktop which pretty much a fancy way of saying you are going to cook under a lightbulb…it brings me back to my y easy bake oven days…now back to the frosting because of these cooking lightbulbs when the frosting overflows it starts sizzling, burning, smoking and then the fire alarm goes off… I shut everything off cleaned it up and then continued on cooking the frosting but because I was so frazzled that I didn’t cook the frosting as much as I should have and when I poured it over it was kind of like a liquid mess…

The good news is that because it was a carmell-y frosting I am hoping that it’ll harden, I am still not sure though if it worked because I decided to write this post while crossing my fingers.

Despite all the mayhem though I sneaked a little taste and it was amazing and delicious and scrumptious and smells like the holidays that I can not wait to get a fork and eat the entire thing!

For the recipe entire Pioneer Woman recipe click here:


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