Chapter Two vs. The Bucket List?

As my days at the University of Wisconsin are dwindling down to what I like to call, G-Day (G standing for Graduation) many of my fellow peers and I have been making “bucket lists” on what we need to do/accomplish before we leave. I dislike the term bucket list because I feel as though it symbolizes the end. Although this is a scary time, it is also very exciting, a whole new chapter of our life is about to start and there are endless possibilities. I am going to call it my Wrapping up Chapter 2 List (Chapter 1 being high school and life before college and Chapter 2 being college).

– Go to the terrace as often as possible and share pitchers of Strongbow  with friends. I first tasted the amazingness that is Strongbow when I was in London last year. Since than it has been love at first sip. For those who have never had it, Strongbow is an apple cider-like beer that literally tastes like a crisp apple orchard in your mouth. My school Union serves it on tap making it  even more heavenly than the bottled version (as if it was even possible). Also I realize it may seem weird that my school Union serves alcohol, but hey that’s Wisconsin for yaa.

– Go to the Farmers Market. The Dane County farmer’s market  is the largest producer-only farmer’s market in the COUNTRY! I’ve only gone a few times, but must stock up on spicy cheese bread, homemade bread with a pound of mozzarella cheese baked inside – Wisconsin doesn’t know the meaning of Low-Fat.

– Mifflin Block Party. The annual block party started in the 1960’s as a protest against the Vietnam War, now it is a HUGE party help the first weekend of May. Mifflin Street is covered with over tens of thousands of students, bands and street vendors.

-Finals. Ordinarily it’s the most dreaded time of the year but now that my last finals season is approaching I am starting to get a little sad….I am going to miss late night coffee runs, overcrowded libraries and wearing the same pair of sweat pants for a week.

That’s all I have for now…what’s on your to-do lists?


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