Hey there, my name is Brittney and I am Journalism major at the University of Wisconsin.  I grew up on the sets of many food & travel television series like, Paula’s Home Cooking, Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee and Pressure Cook where my mom was the producer.

To clarify, this blog is supposed to be the opposite of being perceived as a “dumbblondie.” Nothing is perfect at first, through trial and error, experimenting and persistence this blog will hopefully inspire people to never give up, no matter how small or large the challenge ahead is.

When I was younger, going to the set, working in her office researching recipes or traveling with my mom was how we stayed close….OMGosh, wait till I tell you about the time we stayed at the  Bel Air Hotel and meeting    …Sorry, I get distracted, that will have to wait for another time.

Anyway, when it came to dinner-time, if mom was on the road—so was dinner.  Take-outs started to take-over our table and home cooking started to feel like something only Paula Deen did on TV.  But when I started sifting through my mom’s collection of cook–books, I thought, well maybe there’s something to this cooking thing. But I had a lot to learn.

Now we’ve all had our BLONDE moments but did you ever hear of a recipe called DUMB BLONDIES?  Well, that’s what you get when you substitute extra baking powder to compensate for a shortage of flour when making your standard blondie recipe…they looked the same but as my younger sister put it (cookteen) they tasted like Dumb Blondies not real ones.   The name stuck and so did an endless amount of questions and phone calls to the set where my mom was working: Can I substitute marshmallows for sugar or evaporated milk for sweetened condensed milk to a big NO, when one day, when making meringues, I asked if tarter sauce was the same as cream of tarter.

Recipes, like life, aren’t always perfect. We don’t always have what we need at the time, but it’s how you improvise for those missing ingredients that counts.

These days, I have learned a lot living on my own in college, but it hasn’t been easy.  So stick with me and let’s take the Dumb out of our Blonde moments!


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