My version of regression

When I am home from college I regress to being a child rather then being the super savy, independent college student almost grown-up I am – I can’t cook for my self, make my bed, go get coffee, run errands, make plans, brush my teeth or tie my shoes  – without consulting my mommy and I am not ashamed to admit it.


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if you were a blender where would you be?

So I am officially back in jerz for December break and it’s nice to be home – mostly because I have access to a fully stocked kitchen! it’s SUCH a luxury you have no idea and my parents buy me all my favorite treats including VitaTops.

I thought to myself, hmm what could make this healthy snack even more yummmy. My sister, cookteen likes to make them into whoopie pies.  I however wanted to take a different approach, so I searched through the hungry girl archives and saw she makes a banana smoothie shake …interesting, I thought banana and banana nut Vitatops seem to go together  I wonder what I can do with this? let’s find out…

Step 1:  find blender? I know we have one I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. I am nervous to ask anyone because then they are going to ask me what I am making and I don’t really have a definitive answer for them yet. So I keep looking…tra lala …. still looking…ugh finally! found it – wow that was hard…it was in some back corner hiding – I may need to take a snack break now…

Step 2: pour 3/4 cup skim milk (I also added a splash of fat-free half and half) in the blender with a chopped up frozen banana – I know I know frozen banana that sounds so fancy – who has frozen bananas on hand? well my mom does thats who – I told you guys I was home so now I am very  fancyshmancy (don’t worry though – it won’t last). But they are good to peel and freeze to store before they go rotten…easy to make stuff like banana bread, milkshakes, etc.

Now mix everything up in the blender – this is the hard part…

Which botton do I push? Do I want to chop? stir? pulse? mix? liquefy? ahhh I don’t know!?! So I started with mix and it didn’t seem to mush up the banana so I switched to liquefy – it was kind of just like a banana flavored milk so I added splenda which I def recommmend doing.

Step 3: take out a banana VitaTop and defrost it in the microwave – first I thought the banana shake would be more ice cream like and I would pour the milkshake over the VitaTop – but that didn’t work out so well. I kind of just ate them separately and occasionally dipped my VitaTop in the milkshake creation – cookies and milk style – it was good but not one of my better creations but still a delicious banana-nuty treat.

What are your favorite dessert to have while you’re home?

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Class Project – Hummer H3 and Cookies?

For my strategic communications class this semester we had to work on a campaign strategy for the Hummer h3 – we were paired into groups of 5 and were each given positions,  I was research director. On a side note – in a lecture of about 50 people in it guess who was randomly in my group too?? Carlyonqueue!!!! It was a fun coincidence.

The project took all semester and culminated into a campaign strategy book (click to see a PDF of our Campaign Manuel) it’s awesome! and then a 12-15 minute presentation to “pitch” out idea. We competed against the other groups in our class so naturally I made cookies stuffed with candy in order to… umm sway the voters (our professors) to pick us!

Even though everyone loved my cookies – despite there less then visually appealing  (lets face it when it comes to baking and making things pretty I just can’t do it like my sister, cookteen, does) we lost 😦 oh well it’s ok though –  I guess.



I originally got the idea of these scrumptious cookie candy treats from my fav pioneer woman – but I think the trick to this recipe is using a mini cupcake tin rather then a regular sized one (like PW suggests). Oh well – they were still delicious the best part of this recipe is that it’s cookie dough and candy – anyway it comes out it won’t be bad.

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Top 10 things you should know about final’s season…

1.  You have to wake up early to get a good spot at the library (I wish I was kidding)

2. Starbuck’s is your best friend (I recommend their Christmas Blend coffee – it’s amazing)

3. Stock up on school supplies: pen’s, number 2 pencils for scantron’s and notebooks (my daddy brings me home princess and spiderman themed ones from work – but not everyone can be as cool as me)

4. Invest in a nice comfy pair of sweats b/c you’ll probably wear the same one all week, it’s ok everyone else is doing it

5. Make campusfood your homepage they are quick, easy and deliver straight to the    library (you can play food friendzy on facebook and win coupons)

6. “No mom I can’t call you back now, yes I am at the library and yes I do have someone to walk back with me, I promise.”

7. Shower’s are optional

8. I sometimes see the occasional studier with a beer in hand…I always wonder about them – I guess whatever helps you through the day…and who doesn’t enjoy the occasional box of wine before bed?

9. You can sleep next week when your home and your mommy can cook and take care of you

10. I wish they were over: one down, three to go

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Happy Chanukah, Hanukah, or Hanukkah?

First of  I just want to say that when it comes to cooking my family has very little faith in me. If I tell them I made something they always assume I either forget an ingredient or messed something up – in their defense, this is usually the case.  So in honor of Chanuka (or Hanukah which every spelling makes you happy) my friends and I decided to make potato pancakes – we also wanted jelly donuts, but we live on a college campus that was just covered in snow (literally look at the picture below) and jelly donuts isn’t something you can get at Walgreens – I know, I’ve checked.

OK sorry back to the potato pancakes – my daddy texted me to wish my Happy Chanuka and I told him I was making potato pancakes he laughed and asked if I remembered the potatoes (HA HA HA)  –  I said of course not daddy we used instant potato pancake mix (yes it exists – gotta love Manischewitz makes it easy to enjoy mom’s cooking at college, kinda) so HA  right back at ya daddy…jokes on you because I didn’t even need potatoes! They were so delicious – I am pretty sure I ate all 18-24 of them that came in the box – it started to get to the point that my friends and I were fighting over them and my friend Carlyonqueue had to take over the flipping.

Photo taken by Marni aka coolgal

University of Wisconsin’s first snow day in 16 years! It was madness people were dancing in the street, literally.

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The most delicious apple EVER

Now I am sure everyone has there own apple preferences (my sister being the pickiest) but whenever I go to the grocery store all I know is that I like apples…I am not ashamed to admit that I am not an apple connoisseur. There are so many different kinds and colors and this and that – I usually just decide on whichever color looks most appealing to me at that time…and if they are shiny and don’t have those yucky bruises on them they get an  A in my book (hahaha get it like A is for apple – I crack myself up – ok I’ll stop. sorry). But after my most recent adventure to Whole Foods I am proud to say that I’ve just discovered the most delicious apple ever, it’s called a Honeycrisp! It is sweet and delicious and good all on its own (I usually eat my apples with  peanut butter or chop it up and with some water and put it in a pot with some splenda and cinnamon yumm).

What kind of apples do you guys like?

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What I learned at breakfast this morning

Not all foods in the freezer last forever – this was discovered when I tried to have some frozen blueberries that have been sitting in there for the last  8 months. They were HORRIBLE! Like spit out of your moth because you can’t even swallow them horrible. I guess now I know what spoiled blueberries taste like…

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