Top 10 ways to have your 15 minutes of fame…

1. Marry a Jonas brother

2. Say you had an affair with Tiger Woods (Warning: only do this if you’re super classy…u know like if you drink your box of wine out of a paper cup)

3. Buy the tonight show from Conan – on sale via Craig’s list (

4. Make a blog that features really cute tiny  intricate desserts on stick…even though most people at home (or at least me) can never emulate (bakerella)

5. Tell your parents that you’re ditching your normal summer camp to  join Martha at Camp Cupcake

6. Move to the jersey shore and  buy a bumpit,  hair gel and practice your fist pump

7. Start a blog…you know because nobody else is doing that nowadays…plus the ability to moderate comments makes you feel super cool and powerful

8. Become a professional dancer so you can have a celebrity dance partner on Dancing with the Stars

9. Dump your boyfriend and become a contestant on the Bachelor…you know because that’s how everyone finds their soulmate

10. Become a Vampire…preferably named Bella or Edward


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One response to “Top 10 ways to have your 15 minutes of fame…

  1. I’m becoming Bella, who doesn’t love to be caught in a love triangle? (case you didn’t get it, it’s me!) hehe love you!

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