You know you’re a college student when…

1. Having to wake up before noon is a struggle…it feels like you are waking up in the middle of the night

2. Your diet consists of dry cereal, ramen, pizza and vodka

3. You’re professors barely recognize you…but you’re on a first name basis with the bouncer at the bar.

4. Facebook and Twitter is your main news source

5. Your mom texts you every morning…you know just to make sure you’re ok…

6. Midterms and finals are the most dreaded word’s in your vocabulary

7. You buy used textbooks not because they are cheaper, but because the person before you prehighlights all the important info

8. Fleishman’s vodka and ¬†Natural Ice beer are your two favorite alcohol brands

9.”Second dinner” or “late night” are your favorite meals of the day

10. You’re idea of splurging is buying name brand toilet paper and a case of diet coke


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